Red Dead Redemption 2 Horseman Challenges Guide (2024)

While carrying out more or less any specific activity in Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s the chance that you will unlock one of the game’s Challenges. These “Challenges” are divided into 9 different categories – Bandit,Explorer,Gambler,Herbalist,Horseman,Master Hunter,Sharpshooter, Survivalist, and Weapons Expert.

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives players plenty of freedom in completing content in any order, but this isn’t true for Challenges. They must be unlocked and completed in the right order. This guide focuses on the Horseman Challenges.

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Horseman Challenges Overview

As the name implies, Horseman Challenges are related to horses. The ten challenges in this category are highly varied and require players to perform several different actions from horseback, ranging from hunting specific animals to breaking wild horses. Some of them are definitely time-consuming compared to other Challenges types, but they are generally fun and don’t require you to do anything particularly tedious.

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Kill Five Rabbits from Horseback

The first Horseman Challenge is unlocked early in the game, as it involves killing five rabbits from horseback. If you enjoy hunting, there’s a good chance that you have unlocked this mission shortly after the beginning of Chapter 2.

Completing this challenge isn’t particularly difficult, but there’s a way to make it profitable, especially if you need to make some extra money to purchase items, weapons or outfits. Rabbits are found pretty much all over the map, but there are areas, like Bolger Glade, where they tend to appear more. Just ride around a bit to find one, activate Dead Eye and shoot away with your preferred weapon. If you want to make a profit while completing this mission, you need to shoot down the rabbits with the Varmint Rifle, as it will increase your chances of obtaining Perfect Pelts, which are not only sold for a good amount of money but are also used to crafting Satchel Upgrades.

Completing this challenge will make you obtain the Horseman Gun Belt, which is part of the Horseman equipment set. Once the set has been completed, you will receive a Health Bonus.

Jump Over Three Obstacles in 15 Seconds

This Horseman Challenge is pretty straightforward as you need to jump over three obstacles in 15 seconds. For the best results, you need a horse with good speed and high stamina, so that you won’t consume all of it while attempting to complete the challenge. Arabian horses are the best to complete this mission, but any other horse can do just fine.

Many locations are well suited to complete this challenge, but ranches are probably the best. The Grey and Braithwaite properties to the south of Rhodes are probably the best locations to complete the mission, as there are a lot of fences and plenty of space to build up speed. Jump over the obstacles as quickly as possible and you will be done.

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Ride From Valentine to Rhodes in Less Than Five Minutes

This is where the Horseman Challenges start getting interesting, as this is the first of several challenges that tasks players with getting from one point on the map to another in a short amount of time.

As you need to be as quick as possible, you need a fast horse for this challenge. Avoid using any warhorse, as they are extremely slow and will make completing this challenge way more difficult. Also, make sure to completely restore the horse’s Stamina Core and have some Horse Stimulants at hand if you need to restore Stamina without slowing down.

To reach Rhodes from Valentine in less than five minutes, you need to start from the Valentine Train Station and make your way to the town in Lemoyne. Following the road will take way too much time, so you need to be smart. Head south from the Valentine Station to reach the train track, get on it and ride hard until you reach Rhodes, restoring Stamina on the fly if needed. You may also want to put a marker on the map to see if you’re going the right way.

Completing this mission will reward players with the Horseman Holster, part of the Horseman equipment set which gives a Health bonus once complete.

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While Mounted, Drag a Victim for 3,300 Feet Using Your Lasso

Time to become a really ruthless outlaw for this Horseman Challenge, as you will have to drag a victim for 3,300 feet using the Lasso. There may be some complications, however, depending on how you choose to approach the challenge.

For starters, getting any NPC lasso’ed in cities and town will not only make you wanted but will also prompt a reaction from armed townsfolk, so doing things this way is a no go unless you are feeling particularly nasty. Lassoing random NPCs found on the road is preferred, but you may still be seen by other characters who may alert the law, so you should avoid roads as much as possible if you’re thinking about proceeding this way to complete the challenge.

There is a third, much better way to complete this Horseman Challenge without suffering from any major consequence. While out of towns and cities, look for smoke rising from the ground. Head over to the source of the smoke to find a camp, which may belong to strangers or even members of gangs like the O’Driscolls and Lemoyne Raiders. Kill all enemies except for one, who will become your poor victim.

Once you have lassoed an NPC, you need to keep the L2, left trigger button pressed, and move on your horse. 3300 feet is actually a significant distance, so make sure to find some open space to avoid getting your victim stuck behind a tree or a horse. Continue avoiding roads to make sure you are not reported to the law. After riding for the correct distance, you will see a notification on the screen.

The reward for completing this challenge is $10. You will also be getting some Stamina experience.

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Trample Five Animals While on Horseback

This Horseman Challenge is so straightforward that you will likely complete it without even trying, considering how much animals love to kill themselves by getting in front of your horse at all times.

If you want to put an effort to complete this challenge, you need to know that only small animals like rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and turtles can be trampled. If you want to complete the challenge by trampling rabbits, you can head over to Bolger Glade, where rabbits spawn quite frequently. If you want to trample slower animals, the Bayou Nwa swamps are the right place to go, as you will find an abundance of frogs and turtles.

You can make completing this challenge slightly more profitable by harvesting pelts and meat from the animals you trample. Pelt quality will always be poor, however, so you will not be making much by selling them.

Completing this mission rewards players with $10 and additional Stamina XP.

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Ride From Strawberry to Saint Denis in Less Than Nine Minutes Without Touching Any Water

This Horseman Challenge is a more difficult variation of the third challenge. Not only will you need to ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than nine minutes, but you will have to do so without touching any water.

Completing this challenge by following the marked road when you place the marker on Saint Denis is the most difficult way to complete it, as you will be surrounded by water as soon as you get near the swamps nearby the city.

If you want things to be simple, just place the marker on Riggs Station, get to it from Strawberry and follow the tracks until you reach Saint Denis. Place the waypoint on Saint Denis to make sure you are following the right track, as there will be a split in them after a while. Before attempting to do so, make sure your horse’s Stamina and Stamina Core are fully restored. A couple of Horse Stimulants can also be useful if you need to restore Stamina on the fly.

The reward for completing this challenge is $15. You will also get additional Stamina XP.

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Kill Seven Enemies From Horseback Without Dismounting

This Horseman Challenge is very straightforward, as you just need to kill seven enemies while on horseback in any way you prefer.

This challenge is easily completed during most Story Missions, but if you are already done with the Story, and don’t want to replay any missions, you can choose to simply head out to any of the gang hideouts found in the game, like the one found to the north of Valentine near Cumberland Forest. You can also try your luck in random camps, a couple may be enough for you to kill seven enemies.

Completing this challenge will reward you with the Horseman Bandolier, which is part of the Horseman equipment set which gives a Health bonus once completed.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Horseman Challenges Guide (2024)
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