Red Dead Redemption 2 Horseman Challenges Guide (2024)

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Kill Nine Predators From Horseback

For this Horseman Challenge, you need to kill nine predators while riding your horse, which sounds complicated due to the fact that predators are extremely aggressive and will likely knock you off your horse if you cannot kill them quickly enough.

There are a few ways you can complete this challenge. You can either head to any forested area and use a Predator Bait to lure a predator out. Keep your distance, and use any rifle with a scope to kill the lured animal.

If you want to make things even easier, you can just locate alligators in the swamps to the north of Saint Denis and kill them from afar with any rifle with a scope. Using Dead Eye here is extremely important, as a single headshot will not be enough to kill an alligator.

Once you have killed all nine required predators, you will receive $15 and some Stamina experience for your trouble.

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Ride From Van Horn to Blackwater in Less Than 17 Minutes Without Touching Any Water

This Horseman Challenge is definitely one of the most difficult to complete, as getting from Van Horn to Blackwater in less than 17 minutes without touching water is not easy at all.

Like for other similar challenges, you need a very fast horse with high Stamina. Make sure to have the Stamina Bar and Stamina Core fully restored and a good stock of Horse Stimulants before you attempt to complete this challenge, you will almost certainly need them. Additionally, you may want to attempt to complete the challenge after completing Chapter 6, as Arthur is wanted dead or alive in Blackwater, and the law will be after you the moment you set foot in the city.

The fastest way to reach Blackwater from the Van Horn Trading Post is to start at the Coach Signpost in the town and head west toward Emerald Ranch. Once at the ranch, hop on the train track and follow it until Valentine and then the Riggs Station. When you reach the station, get back on the road and head south, pass the river and then west past Strawberry. Cross the Owanjilla Dam and the rush south to Blackwater.

You will receive $20 and some Stamina XP for completing this challenge.

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Break Every Wild Horse Breed

The final Horseman Challenge is far from being the most difficult, but it is, without a doubt, the most time-consuming of all, as you will have to break every wild horse breed to complete it.

There are nine different breeds to break: Tennessee Walker, Tennessee Walker, American Standardbred, Hungarian Halfbred, Kentucky Saddler, Morgan, Nokota, Appaloosa, American Paint, and Mustang.

No matter the breed, breaking a wild horse is very simple. You need to locate a herd of wild horses, approach it slowly and calm it by pressing the dedicated button, use the lasso on the horse while continuing to calm and then mount it.

Once mounted, you will have to keep your balance by pressing the direction opposite to the one the horse is trying to make you fall: you need to press back if the horse is trying to make you fall forward and so on. Keeping your balance for a few seconds will be enough to break the horse, who is now yours. Do this for all the nine breeds and you will complete the mission.

Here’s where to find all the wild horse breeds easily. Please note herds are not guaranteed to appear every time you head to these locations. If no horses are found, simply camp, sleep for any amount of time and try again.

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American Standardbred

This wild horse breed can be found to the north of Cumberland Forest, New Hanover, to the northeast corner of Big Valley, West Elizabeth, and near Mercer Station in New Austin.

American Paint

The American Paint wild horses are among the rarest in the game. Before Chapter 6, they only appear near Donner Falls, Ambarino. From Epilogue 2, they can be found in several different locations in New Austin.


Wild Appaloosas can be found near the Wapiti Indian Reservation and Cattail Pond, both in the Ambarino region and near Cholla Springs, New Austin. The latter can only be reached safely after completing Chapter 6.

Hungarian Halfbred

The wild Hungarian Halfbreeds can only be found in the southern part of the map, either outside Blackwater, West Elizabeth or to the east of Cholla Springs, New Austin.

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Kentucky Saddler

This wild horse breed in one of the most common to find in Red Dead Redemption 2. It can be found near the Braithwaite Manor and Rhodes in Lemoyne, by the Cattail Pond in Grizzles West, nearby the Wapiti Indian Reservation and Donner Falls in Ambarino, near Little Creek River, Big Valley. They can also be found in the southern part of the map as well, near Tall Trees and Great Plains, West Elizabeth, and near Lake Don Julio, New Austin.


Morgans are among the easiest wild horses to find. They are located near Cumberland Forest, New Hanover, close to Little Creek River and Riggs Station in West Elizabeth. They also appear frequently in the New Austin region.


This wild horse breed can only be found in the central part of the Heartlands, New Hanover, and in an area found to the west of Fort Mercer, New Austin.


This wild horse breed is mostly found in the central part of the Heartlands, New Hanover, to the North of Armadillo and near Fort Mercer, both located in New Austin.

Tennessee Walker

Wild Tennesse Walkers can be found in The Heartlands, New Hanover, near the Wapiti Indian Reservation in Ambarino, near Blackwater in West Elizabeth, and close to Armadillo in New Austin. The last two locations can only be accessed safely after completing Chapter 6

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horseman Challenges Guide (2024)
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