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"There was a candy co., "Tom's," in the South that made these wonderful pink peanut patties. This recipe tastes just as yummy!It's the raw peanuts --they're not cooked to roasted stage.I adapted the recipe from stove-top directions back in the late 60's.It's so easy my sons made it, too, as kids. No scorching, no continuous stirring: let the microwave work for you. I use a 2-qt. glass measuring cup with handle, a wooden spoon for stirring and have a glass lid that fits. The handle helps when the candy hits over 200* The cooling pad of waxed paper over newspaper keeps the wax from sticking to your counter top. Time numbers in brackets are for double batch. See the companion recipe for Pecan Pralines. Both are great for gifts!"


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Ready In:


36-48 patties




  • 14 cup water
  • 14 cup light corn syrup
  • 8 -9 drops red food coloring
  • salt (dash)
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 2 cups raw peanuts
  • 12 teaspoon vanilla
  • 14 cup powdered sugar (apx)



  • Put 1st seven ingredients in lg. glass bowl in order. Not necessary to stir now. Cover.
  • Cook on HIGH 5 minute (5).
  • Stir, cover, cook on High 4 minute (6).
  • (Repeat only for double batch - 5 min.).
  • Stir in vanilla and powdered sugar.
  • Mix well, then drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper on newspaper pad. Enjoy! They're better than Tom's.
  • You can cook on stove---get syrup to softball stage -234*; stir constantly.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Tastes even better than I remember as a kid. Thanks for the easy recipe!

    Tracy W.

  2. Actually a question. It says the first 7 ingredients. Then vanilla and powdered sugar. But there are only six others listed. I see other recipes for them have butter.

    Barb B.

  3. My husband loves these!!! They came out perfect. I put the to set in a muffin pan with a liner sprayed with pam. I'm going to try to put them in the (nonstick) pan without a liner, just pam spray. I ended up some sugar mixture left in the bowl but all the peanuts were sticking together so I may try to use a slotted spoon next time to reduce the sugar (154%!!!!) of each one. They are soooooo addictive, I don't think anyone can eat just one. Also, I had to put it back in the microwave for a minuite (more or less) before I dished it all out. Putting it over a pan of hot water (while dishing it out) would probably have solved that "problem". I gushed about how easy and good they are to everyone, now everyone wants me to bring them some!!

  4. I just made these and taste good but didn't form a patty just crumble eat with a spoon Not enough liquid I guess. please advise


  5. I cannot believe no one has tried this recipe yet. I LOVED these patties as a kid and had to try this easy recipe....these were wonderful. My entire family loved them. I will have to adjust the cook time a bit because I didn't have time to make them into patties before they began to harden....but that's just because my wattage must be different. I plan to make these again (definitely for Christmas goodies). Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe!!

    Milkman's Daughter




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Food and cooking has been "the love of a lifetime."When I entered college exactly 50 years ago I declared "Food Technology" as my major.That changed to education for a career, but my keen interest in food and nutrition and cooking has stayed throughout.As young woman I was know as a "health food nut," probably by some, but it has really paid off as I lived on. I have aged more gracefully than many. Some guess my age many years less than it my message to all is to learn about nutrition, then LIVE your interest.One of my treasures is a microwave cookbook that I bought with gift money from my classroom of 6th grade students; the front of the book has all their signatures.I am really impressed with all the indexing advantages here on RZ, and with all the sharing by others.I've continued to explore and enjoy special food combinations in both recipes and menus.

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Peanut  Patties  by Microwave Recipe  - (2024)
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