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Discover a new guide for Mekanism Generators Mod Wiki. Mekanism Generators is an official add-on to Mekanism that adds different generators and ways to produce energy. Without this module, you will need some other mods to be able to power your Mekanism machines.


Mekanism Generators Featured:


  • Heat Generator
  • Gas-Burning Generator
  • Bio-Generator
  • Solar Generator
  • Advanced Solar Generator
  • Wind Generator
  • Fission Reactor
  • Fusion Reactor
  • Turbine

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  • Mekanism: Generators is an add-on for mekanism that provides 6 different J (Joule) supply generators.


  • This tutorial assumes basic familiarity with mekanism. If you are new to this mod, visit this page.

Solar generator

Solar generators harness sunlight to generate energy. Generators are especially useful for generating passive power for machines on the ground rather than depleting your primary reserves.

During operation, it will generate 1200 J/s (60 J/t) through the bottom of the panel base. It has a small internal energy buffer of 96 kJ. The low output should affect the tolerance, which is not the case for Advanced Solar Generators.

Advanced solar generator

Advanced Solar Generator is an improved version of the previous Basic Energy generator. Four Solar Generators are needed to build the Advanced Solar Generator c, but it produces six times more energy than its smaller cousin. It also requires a 3x3x3 Block area to be placed. Advanced solar generators only produce electricity during the day. A multimeter cable or other compatible cord can be connected to the edge of the base with the green square. Right click on the generator with a wrench or Configurator set to Rotate to rotate the entire assembly.

Mekanism Generators Biogenerator

Bio-Generators produce electricity from Biofuels. This generator generates 5.6 kJ from one element and has an internal storage capacity of 160 kJ. When this is achieved, the bio-generator will be able to hold 24,000 post-processed biofuel units representing 240 items.

Gas-fired generator

Gas fired generators generate energy by consuming any type of combustion gas, for example Hydrogen generated by an Electrolytic Separator or Ethylene. The gas-fired generator has its own internal storage tank with a capacity of 18,000 units. Gas cylinders can be used to expand your system’s Hydrogen storage capacity. The gas burner is a premium mechanical power source that powers the base for a long period of time. However, it is best used when supplying current to charge the power block, rather than sending the generator’s power directly to your facility.

As of October 1st, 1 mB of Hydrogen gas is converted to 200 J. The value of 1 mB of Ethylene will be converted to 28200 J.

New in Mekanism v9, the gas generator automatically adjusts its combustion rate (up to 28 units per tick) based on the amount of energy stored in its internal buffer (usually defined determined by that). quality of the multimeter cable connected). The gauges appear on the right side of the GUI, below the gas and energy storage gauges.

Heat generator

A heating element converts heat energy into energy. It did not provide much power, but was often the first generator produced, as it was the only mechanical generator that did not require steel. The heater can generate power simultaneously in both active and passive modes. Since the Heater generates very little power and it is quite cheap to make it, there are usually two or three generators that continuously transfer energy into one or more Power Blocks.

Operational power

The loading of combustible materials into the generator becomes active power generation from. They will be burned and the heat will be converted into energy at a rate of 2 kJ/s (100 J/t). All active energy fuels produce energy at the same rate, but higher grade fuels will burn for a longer time, producing more total energy. If a bucket of lava is inserted into the Heat Generator, it will consume the lava, but will return the bucket.

Electric passivation

Passive energy can be generated by placing a Heat Generator near a source of lava or flowing lava. For each side of the lava it will generate 100 J/s (5 J/t on each side), generating a maximum passive power of 500 J/s.

Wind generator

The giant blades of the Wind Turbine harness the force of the wind to generate power. Each wind turbine requires a fairly large area: 1x1x5. The machine will generate electricity day and night, rain or shine, but the turbine must have a clear view of the sky (through the rotor housing on top of the tower).

The output power increases linearly with its height, to a maximum power of 480 J/t (9.6kJ/s). Connect the Universal Cable or other compatible cables to the “front” of the Turbine base, the underside of the propellers (indicated by the green square). Right click with a wrench to rotate the whole machine.

By default, the minimum altitude is 24 and the maximum altitude is 255. (As of Mekanism 9, “altitude” is calculated using the top block of the turbine.) The minimum generating value is 60 and the maximum is 480. With these defaults set, the output power is linearly proportional to y * 1.8181 + 16.3636, power= (20y+180)÷11. If the turbine is placed below the configured maximum, above, or minimum height, the turbine will produce the maximum, still operating, or minimum power value respectively.

Mekanism Generators Update History

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