I Will Always Love You✔ - Safety or Suffocation? (part1) (2024)


Next day, police station-

Neil& DD were passing by the store room when they heard 2voices which sounded very much similar (though the names can be guessed by anyone, they will be declared later on)

Their volumes were low yet were audible enough for neil& dd to listen

The entire convo is overheard by them which leaves them hell terrified as to whom are they refering to
Was it avni?
Or someone else??

In neil's cabin-

He& dd are sitting on the chairs, next to eachother

DD- sir muje bhabhi ki bohot tension hori h
Men aapko darana nhi chahta but jis tarah s wo dono baat krri thi usse muje lagra h k wo bhabhi ki hi baat krri thi
Aap bilkul tension mat lejiye- yaha men sab sambhal lunga& i would suggest ke ab aap max time bhabhi k sath hi spend kre
Dino awaaze pehchani si lagri thi

N-dd your vp can be very much possible but esa hosakta h k reality is something else-
Jesa recently hua tha jab avni ko assignment k excuse se isolated location pe bulake usse maarne ki koshish ki gyi thi tab bhi awaaz dwm ki thi but mastermind kon nikla ye yaad h na? kamini kapoor& unfortunately mitali dua (his eyes fumed with anger while taking mitalis name)

DD-Vese sir ek baat puchu?

N-tum formality kbse krne lage?
Go ahead

DD-sir aapne uss assignment k bare men kya socha h jispe aapko jana h 3weeks k liye?

N sighs in dismay& says-

N-Kuch samaj nhi ara dd
Jo aaj hum dono ne suna uske baad toh muje avni ki aur bhi zyada tension hori h

Agar kuch bhi gadbad hui toh avni phirse khudko hi blame kregi
Wese bhi wo aaj kal choti choti baton se emotionally disturbed hojati h (which is natural) but i cant afford anything serious to happen

Dinner time, at khanna house-

Everyone had dinner with usual chit chat about the baby, while avni was pretty silent throughout which didnt go unnoticed by neil
Soon everyone went to bed

In AvNeil's room-

Neil had decided to talk to avni about her quiet behaviour& was waiting for her to come out of the loo
Avni came out of the loo& while moving towards the bed, she again felt dizzy& lost her balance but neil came in the nick of time &held her
He kept her 1hand around his neck &kept both his hands around her waist &moved towards the bed

He made her sit down with her back resting on the bed rest &as he was gonna move to his side, he felt her body being hot
Neil immediately fetched the first aid box, while avni was still in a dizzy state
He checked her temp- it was 101

N(in angry yet polite tone)- bilkul khayal nhi rakhti tum apna
Na khaana time pe khati ho na medicines
Dekho hogya na fever- he almost forgot that he had to talk to her about her silence &instead kept on scolding her while still searching for the medicine for fever when suddenly a lone tear spilled down avni's cheek& fell on neil's wrist which started him& he realised what he just did-made her more upset& increased her silence

Neil instantly sat next to her on the bed when she failed to control her emotions &broke down into tears

N-avni im extremely sorry
I didnt mean to hurt you
Muje bas tumhari& baby ki health ki fikr rehti h isiliye

Before he cud say anything further, avni took him in a bone crushing hug& continued sobbing
Neil kept on running his hand on her back-try to console her& stop or at least reduce her sobs but they didnt stop

N-avni relax
Breathing exercise karo

Avni broke the hug
A(still sobbing)- neil 3-4 din men tum xyz jagah pe chale jaoge case k liye wo bhi 3weeks k liye
Men kese rahungi tumhare bina?
Muje toh tumhare bina ek raat bhi neend nhi aati
3weeks tak kese manage krungi?
I understand your work commitments but plz abhi mat jaona? 3 aur months tak ruk jao phir chale jana?
Avni requested, still teary eyed

Neil could bare anything but not his wifey's tears-her tears were his biggest weakness
He knew she wasnt blackmailing him- she indeed needed him& bebe's words again struck his mind-

B-Jo khushi& sukoon usse tere saath se milti h wo humme se koi nhi de sakta
Hum teri kami puri nahi kar sakte tillu

Avni's emotional state &the convo he heard in the morning were compelling him to rethink about his decision to leave her alone in the house-in his absence or not


Lady1-motive toh bta dia tumne but plan kya h &execute kese krna h?

Lady2-Ek well planned murder jise hum itni safai s anjaan denge k clear case of accident lgega

Lady1-Good idea-
Ek teer s do nishane honge-

1 she will loose her baby after which her hubby will leave her forever &she will loose her last reason to stay alive

2 after her death, tumhara rasta saaf hojayega to make him yours as her hubby will be broken& ussi mauke ka tum faida uthaogi. Isse mera badla bhi pura hojayega

Lady2-i must say you are very smart

Lady1(smirking)- tell me something new

Lady2- toh phir shubh kaam men deri kesi?
Kab krna h?

Lady1- next month will be perfect as she will be 6months pregnant-ese time pe miscarriage definitely kills the baby& survival of mother are also next to impossible

Lady2- so next month is final
Exact date baad men decide krlenge
Both ladies smirk evilly

Flashback over

The entire convo was playing in neil's ears as if some audio recording when he came out of his trance& realised that avni is still waiting for his answer with a tear stained face& he makes up his mind- he will go on the case, but not without avni cz he just doesnt wanna take ANY risk- hes turned very protective towards her

N-avni, men case k liye jaunga
Avni's face dropped in lonliness

N-aur tum mere saath chalogi

Her face instantly lit up like a 1000 watt bulb

N-but 1condition pe

A-muje tumhari sari conditions manzoor h

N-sochlo? Follow kr paogi??

A-meals neglect nhi krungi, medicines time pe lungi, no late night waking up-yahi na?

N-and few more
She pouted

N(glaring)- avni?

A(still pouting)-ok

N-dekho agar tum mra kehna manogi toh men bhi tumhare late night cravings& demands ko fulfill krunga but they shouldnt affect your& the baby's health

A(saluting him)- yes sir!

Neil smiled at her antics while she jumped& hugged him tightly with a face full of life& happiness& neil reciprocated with his hands on her back& waist

The entire scene was witnessed by bebe shweta& prakash
Though they were surprised as to how did neil agree suddenly, yet they were happy cz avni was happy

They left& AvNeil retired to bed with avni's head resting on neil's chest &his arms around her waist with avni's fever& tears long forgotten in her happiness &smile
They slept off with smiles on their faces- avni bcz of neil's decision of taking her along& neil's bcz of avni's 1000 watt smile

I hope i did justice to AvNeil's emotions & met your expectations

I Will Always Love You✔ - Safety or Suffocation? (part1) (2024)
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