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I am a passionate animal lover, like many of you. Recently, my heart was shattered when our beloved pets were taken away by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). What's even more devastating is that some of these innocent creatures were euthanized instead of being given a chance at life.

The ASPCA, an organization that claims to protect animals, seems to be following an agenda rather than focusing on their welfare. It's disheartening to see that they are failing in their mission. According to data from the Humane Society, approximately 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year - a statistic that includes animals under ASPCA care."They killed my dog ZEUS one of the "Wolves of Manhattan", and what do they expect me to do? They kidnapped my 24 huskies, and they want me to stay calm? Do they think it was just an unknown person they could rob, and leave stranded without anyone noticing? They haven't encountered someone who has the ability to alert everyone about what these thieves are doing, taking dogs from honest people to fill their pockets with money and gain votes from a naïve population that easily falls into their traps."The @aspca, the @nycsheriff, @statenislandDA and the @SIadvance are all participants in this corrupted @NYCMAYOR team.It is time for a real change, the government cannot continue supporting the ASPCA Scam!

Photo: ZEUS was totally healthy, but Matthew E. Bershadker considered him not adoptable and they end killing him!

We must hold them accountable for this heartbreaking reality and demand reform within their operations. The lives of countless innocent animals hang in the balance.Please join me in calling on lawmakers and animal rights advocates nationwide to investigate these practices within the ASPCA and implement necessary changes immediately.

ASPCA Killed our dog ZEUS in New York City, ironically a Tiger called ZEUS was killed in Virginia this past November 2023.

Same structure a PETA fanatic infiltrate the Zoo and contacted the sheriff office, the district attorney endorsed a search warrant, the owners were surprised with a forfeiture bill in an impossible amount.

ASPCA and PETA do not care about our animals.They want to control us, and they work together with some entities, the next in line to suffer the @aspca attack are the Ranchers and their Horses, the farmers, and their stock.We need to stop ASPCA and denounce their false calls and exaggeratedaccusations, we care about welfare much more than them.

Sign this petition today; let's give our furry friends and animals in general the protection they truly deserve!

"ZEUS was loved, the ASPCA wrongfullyadopted all his family and killed him!"Owner: Victor Quinteros MarquinaVictor is actively involved in Siberian Husky competition and training, reflecting a commitment to animal welfare. His advocacy for animals, especially in the context of human impact on their environments, underscores his dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Zeus and a model posing for a Peruvian designer: Maritza Guevaraphoto taken during New York Fashion Week at the Conference HouseStaten Island, NYC."My dog Zeus was a renowned runway model and participated in numerous campaigns for various fashion designers, jewelry houses, and several sports car teams. The important thing here was that he obtained the best reward a dog could have for his effort: having a complete acre of land with wild vegetation to enjoy the pleasure of being a Siberian Husky outdoors, close to the sea".

Sgt. Teresa Russo make a false report to get a search warrant and contacted the ASPCA.

MARS was taken and used for @ASPCA advertisem*nt, if you ever donated to them please consider giving us a restitution, since the Siberian Husky CAMP closed hundreds of Huskies are dying. We need totake action now!

APOLLO is one of the 24 huskies that lived peacefully with us till the @NYCSheriff department wrongfully and maliciously toke our dogs.

WHAT IS THE ANIMAL LAW UNIT IN NEW YORK CITY?It appears that the Attorney General in Richmond County is associated with radical anti-ownership groups, and his prosecutions suggest a mission to dismantle the animal industry within Richmond County.Upon assuming the role of Attorney General, Michael McMahon introduced an animal cruelty prosecution unit, emphasizing his commitment to being a voice for the voiceless. The ASPCA, in April 2016, heralded him and his team, enjoying considerable notoriety. However, a shift is occurring, revealing the Animal Law Unit's extremist ideology and a notable lack of practical experience, particularly evident in their mishandling of huskies. Despite the fact that Zeus, Jack, and other huskies were in perfect shape, they met tragic fates. Zeus was killed approximately four months later, and Jack, presumed to have suffered a similar fate several months afterward. Another unidentified female husky was also subjected to a tragic end. Let it be clear—these actions did not align with principles of compassionate end-of-life decisions. it was murder, they were maliciously murdered by the ASPCA team.As the number of raids and subsequent prosecutions increase throughout the Commonwealth, it is becoming more apparent that Michael McMahon and the @ASPCA are working together to criminalize anything short of perfection. The problem is that most animals, like most people, are not perfect. They get old, they get sick, they have parasites, they get chipped hooves, or they pull their hair. But imperfection, disease, and parasites do not equate to abuse. These are simply signs of owning an animal.Moreover, all huskies were confined to cages and drugged for several months, a distressing aspect of their treatment that raises serious ethical questions.JACK, ZEUS, and MEEKA, the original trio and highly trained service dogs, were an integral part of this. Anastasia and Apollo were the parents of PLUTO and the seven other puppies: MARS, TERRA, MERCURY, SATURN, VENUS, AND JUPITER. The young adults inside the cabin included ETA, UPSILON, OMICRON, SIGMA, SOPHIA, ALPHA CENTAURY, OCEAN, ANGELINA, MEGATRON, LUCIFER, and TRITON—each a service dog in training with a minimum value ranging from $80,000 to $120,000.In a devastating twist, the most crucial value of these dogs lay in their contribution to building a group of animals trained to work with kids with autism. The loss of this potential therapy team, each with a unique and valuable skill set, makes the tragedy even more heart-wrenching. However, it's important to note that some of these service dogs, due to their involvement in modeling for luxury brands and sports cars, possess an incalculable value.JACK, captured at 10 years old, displayed signs of aging, unknown to authorities who, tragically, ended his life. Jack had at least five more years to live. Why @aspca killed him? The authorities said they found a death puppy, the owner said there was no a death puppy at the CAMP. The puppy die during the police intervention. In the worse scenario The death of animals should not make a dog owner a criminal; it's a natural part of life. However, during raids, any animal, dead or alive on the property, can be weaponized against the owner. Farmers across America share tales of deceased and buried animals being used as "evidence" without regard to the context or truth.The Animal Law Unit strives to portray the owner of the Siberian Husky CAMP as heartless monsters, but the story of Zeus paints a different picture. Victor Quinteros had a close bond with his husky, Zeus, whose demise at the hands of the ASPCA raises questions about the lack of an independent necropsy and the disposition of his body.Quinteros, unaware of how PLUTO, the husky puppy, met his tragic end during the raid, faced the traumatic loss of a 15-day-old puppy when 37 police officers captured his parents. The investigators' narrative of the camp's "puppy death" unveils the Animal Law Unit as a powerful arm of the animal rights movement, guided by an ideology devoid of common sense.The Animal Law Unit seeks legitimacy, projecting the notion that they are indispensable in New York City. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Michael McMahon, the ASPCA and the members of the Animal Law Unit are not heroes but extremists.They must be exposed.@ASPCA murderers @NYCSheriff Corrupted @RichmondCountyDA extremist. They want to control us!Note: The Siberian Huskies at the CAMP had a veterinarian, insurance, all adults were vaccinated and registered in the city of New York.Turning the entire case unbelievable!

$50,000 in civil forfeiture!

The Siberian Husky CAMP became the target of a police raid led by the NYC Sheriff in collaboration with the Staten Island District Attorney's Office and the ASPCA. Despite a successful report the previous month, indicating no need for intervention, the raid was carried out. Quinteros is now denouncing alleged police misconduct and the unjust killing of healthy Huskies. The question arises: Why does he have to pay such a substantial amount of money when they killed some of his dogs for no apparent reason?

Shockingly, this unfair raid resulted in the tragic death of a puppy, which was later exploited to arrest Quinteros. Further compounding the injustice, the court demanded a substantial $50,000 in civil forfeiture.

This excessive financial burden raises concerns about the government's overreaching power over the assets of individuals who have committed no wrongdoing. Quinteros, unjustly detained, struggled to gather the exorbitant sum within the unreasonable timeframe of less than a week.

The judge's abuse of power is evident, highlighting the potential adverse impact on individuals, irrespective of their innocence. The imposition of a $50,000 civil forfeiture, coupled with the rushed payment timeline, exemplifies a concerning overreach that warrants scrutiny and reform within the justice system.

Judge Lisa Gray requested $80,000 up front knowing Victor was detained.It is unacceptable to have judges taking actions knowing that animal owners are helpless.


ASPCA is Killing innocent animals. Like ZEUS and TRITON

Animal cruelty is reprehensible, but charges of animal cruelty are not always valid. This is the case @NYCSheriff abused their power. The law should be amended to protect animal owners who may be falsely or erroneously charged under the animal cruelty statute but would be forced to forfeit their animals if they are unable to pay for court-approved cost of care by another entity while their animals are not in their care. @aspca should be penalized for taking advantage of the situation, making false statements, to hide information and the animal owner should be restituted.

If you have information about any of the huskies unjustly confiscated, please contact us. If you have adopted any of our dogs, please contact the Siberian Husky Camp immediately to facilitate their prompt return. We want our dogs back home by September 2024.

Help the larger cause · ОТМЕНА P2W В ТАРКОВЕ · (2024)
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