Brooke Schofield Has Levelled Explosive Allegations Against Ex Clinton Kane | ELLE (2024)

TikTok is becoming the preferred platform to expose problematic behaviour – just ask influencer Brooke Schofield, who has rocked the app with explosive allegations against her ex, Clinton Kane.

Schofield, who co-hosts the podcast Cancelled, took to TikTok with a 14-part video series where she accused Kane of faking being Australian, lying about the death of his entire family, pretending to be older, and repeatedly cheating on her throughout their months-long relationship.

Of course, this didn’t all come out of the blue. Schofield started the series in response to Kane promoting his new song via a TikTok, in which appeared to reference their relationship with the caption, “When you’ve been over the relationship for two years but she won’t stop yapping.”

If you haven’t already devoured the story, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re separating fact from fiction with every allegation levelled against Clinton Kane.

Brooke Schofield Has Levelled Explosive Allegations Against Ex Clinton Kane | ELLE (1)
Brooke Schofield Has Levelled Explosive Allegations Against Ex Clinton Kane | ELLE (2)

When Did Brooke Schofield And Clinton Kane Date?

While we don’t know exactly when the pair dated, it was sometime in 2021.

Schofield said their romance started out like something from a fanfic, with Kane sliding into her DMs, persistently offering to fly her to his home in Las Vegas, and inviting her to his shows. And while she also said she wasn’t initially attracted to the singer, after attending two of his shows and spending time with him, she said they built a connection.

Schofield went on to explain that the pair both contracted COVID early on in their romance, and were forced to quarantine together. However she alleged that this quickly turned into Kane preventing her from going home or socialising with other friends, even after the isolation period had ended.

“The first red flag I identified was that [he] would not allow me time alone, and when I asked to, he would begin arguing with me and asking ‘strange’ questions like: ‘Why don’t you want to be with me?'” she described.

She also alleged that, over the course of their relationship, Kane told her about his upbringing in Perth, Australia, and the death of his entire family in 2020.

“He tells me his mum, his dad and his brother all died in the same year, which is f**king horrible, like, obviously just unimaginable. So I’m like, blown away,” she said.

How Did Brooke Schofield Find Out Clinton Kane Was Lying?

Cracks in the romance – and Kane’s story – started to appear when Kane’s interview on the Zach Sang Show was posted online.

“In the comments, I saw someone write, ‘This is really strange. I don’t know where this Australian accent came from. He is not Australian, he is from Brunei,” Schofield said.

According to Schofield, the comment came from someone who allegedly went to highschool with Kane, and read, “I know for a fact that he grew up in Brunei. We went to a school called Seri Mulia Sarjana for both our primary and secondary education. Soo…. Not sure where this Australian accent came from. Additionally, I knew of his mum and brother back when I was younger (15-16) and I know for a fact that they are alive and well.”

In one of the videos, Schofield explained that while the comment put doubt in her mind, she didn’t actually confront Kane until their relationship eventually ended due to him cheating. In fact, she lied about being in contact with his mum to encourage him to admit to the lie.

“I asked him, ‘Why did you fake the death of your family?’ Of course, he denies it. But then I told him, ‘I have been talking to your mother,'” she revealed.

“He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother.”

“His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing. But there’s one out of three that are dead, and the rest are still kicking.”

So, Are Clinton Kane’s Family Alive?

Kane’s manager released a statement to People to share his version of events, and confirmed that he had lied about the death of his mother.

“Kane was lucky enough to have a very special mother-like figure in his teenage years, who sadly passed. Kane regrets the way this devastating news was communicated at the time [and] genuinely felt that he had lost an irreplaceable mother-figure. Kane was and largely is estranged from his immediate family,” the statement read.

Is Clinton Kane From Australia?

As for whether or not he is from Australia, the rep doubled down on this story, saying that he was born in the Philippines but raised Down Under.

“Despite moving frequently, he considers Australia to be his home. He has never been disingenuous about this,” they said.

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Brooke Schofield Has Levelled Explosive Allegations Against Ex Clinton Kane | ELLE (2024)
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