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1. Texts. 2. Translations. 3. Biographies and Monographs.

Note . For early lives and legends of all canonized and beatified Christian mystics, see Acta Sanctorum Bollandiana, Jan.-Oct. vi. Brussels 1643-1794; Oct. vii.-Nov., Brussels and Paris, 1845-1910. (In progress.)
See also Dictionnaire de Théologie Catholique for biographies, with bibliographical notes.


The Cloud of Unknowing. Edited, from B. M. Harl., 674, by E. Underhill. London, 1912.

The Cloud of Unknowing, Epistle of Privy Counsel and Denis Hid Divinity. Edited by Dom Justin McCann, O.S.B. (Orchard Books.) London, 1924.
(Compare Part II., E. Gardner: The Cell of Self Knowledge.)

The Mirror of Simple Souls. Edited [with some omissions] by Clare Kirschberger. (Orchard Books.) London, 1928.


The Confessions of Al Ghazzali. Translated by Claud Field. (Wisdom of the East Series.) London, 1909.

The Alchemy of Happiness. Translated by Claud Field. (Wisdom of the East Series.) London, 1910.

(See also in Part II., Schmölders.)


Massignon, L . La Passion de Al-Halladj. 2 tomes. Paris, 1922. (See also Part II., Maréchal.)


Le livre de la Bienheureuse Angèle de Foligno. Annoté par Paul Doncoeur. t. I. Texte latin. Paris, 1925. t. II. Documents originaux. Paris, 1926.

Le livre de l’experiènce des vrais fidèles de Ste Angèle de Foligno. Trad. par M. J. Ferré. Edition critique: texte latin et traduction française. Paris, 1927.

(These two, from the earliest MSS., supersede all previous editions.)

Beatae Angela de Fulginio Visionum ët Instructionum Liber (Bibliotheca mystica et ascetica, t. V.) Cologne, 1849. 476


The Book of Divine Consolations of the Blessed Angela of Foligno. Translated by M. Steegmann. With an Introduction by Algar Thorold. (New Mediaeval Library.) London, 1908.

Il Libro delle Mirabili Visioni Consolazioni e Istruzioni della B. Angela di Foligno. Translated by Luigi Fallacara. Florence, 1926.


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—Principales dates de la Vie d’Angèle de Foligno, (ibid., Jan., 1925).

—Les oeuvres d’Angèle de Foligno, (ibid., Oct. 1425).


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Confessions. Edited by J. Gibb and W. Montgomery. (Cambridge Patristic Texts.) 1908. [Latin text and English notes.]


Works. Edited by Marcus Dods. 15 vols. Edinburgh, 1876.

Works. Trans. and annotated by J. E. Pilkington and others. 8 vols. (Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers.) London, 1888-92.

The Confessions. Translated by Dr. E. B. Pusey. London,1907.

The Confessions (first nine books). Trans. by C. Bigg. London, 1898.


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English trans., London, 1914.

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Cantica Canticorum: Sermons on the Song of Songs. Translated by S. J. Eales, M.A. London, 1895.

Sermons on the Canticles. 2 vols. Dublin, 1920.

St. Bernard on the Love of God. Translated by Edmund Gardner. London, 1916.

St. Bernard on Consideration. Translated by G. Lewis. Oxford, 1908.

Suggestions on the Method of Meditation, extracted from St. Bernard’s Scala Claustralium by W. B. Trevelyan. London, 1904.


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Poetry and Prose of William Blake. Edited by Geoffrey Keynes, complete in one volume. London, 1927.

Prophetic Writings. Edited with Introduction, etc., by D. J. Sloss and A. Wallis. 2 vols. Oxford, 1926.

Works: Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical. Edited by E. J. Ellis and W. B. Yeats. 3 vols. London, 1893.

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BLOSIUS (Louis de Blois).

Opera. Antwerp, 1632.


Oeuvres Spirituelles, trad. par les Benedictins de S. Paul de Wisques. (In progress.) Paris, 1911, etc.

The Book of Spiritual Instruction. London, 1925.

A Mirror for Monks. London, 1926.

The Sanctuary of the Faithful Soul. 2 vols. London, 1920-7.

The Paradise of the Faithful Soul. 2 vols. London, 1928-30.


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The Works of Jacob Boehme. In 4 vols., with Life of the Author. English translation. London, 1764-81. (The only collected English edition, but incomplete. All Boehme’s works were translated by Sparrow and others in the seventeenth century and have since been re-issued. See below. For full bibliography, see ‘William Law and the English Mystics,’ by C. Spurgeon, in ‘Cambridge History of English Literature.’)

The Threefold Life of Man. With an Introduction by the Rev. G. W. Allen. London, 1909.

The Three Principles of the Divine Essence. With an Introduction by Dr. Paul Deussen. London, 1910. 478

The Forty Questions of the Soul and the Clavis. London, 1911.

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Les six Ailes du Seraphin. Paris, 1860. (There are no English translations. The ‘Soliloquies ‘ and ‘Meditations’ attributed to St. Bonaventura are not authentic. For his life of St. Francis, vide infra, Francis of Assisi, St.)


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Dialogo di S. Caterina da Genova. Milano, 1882.

(The authenticity of this dialogue is denied by Von Hügel.)


The Treatise on Purgatory. With a Preface by Cardinal Manning. London, 1858.

La Vie et les Oeuvres de Ste. Catherine de Gênes, traduits par le Vicomte de Bussierre. Paris, 1860.


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(See also Pt. II., Von Hügel, for the best modern account of this mystic.)


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Text & Trans.

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The Paradise. London, 1885.

The Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Text, with Translation by Carlyle. Okey, and Wicksteed. (Temple Classics.) 3 vols. London, 1900.

Readings on the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso; chiefly based on the Commentary of Benvenuto da Imola by W. W. Vernon. 6 vols. London, 1894-1900.

Minor Works.

The Convivio of Dante. Translated by P. H. Wicksteed. (Temple Classics.) London. 1903.

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—From Vita Nuova to Paradiso. London, 1922. (I select from the mass of Dante literature a few books useful to the student of mysticism. For full bibliographies, see the works of Vernon and Gardner, above cited.)


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(Contains the Moyen Court, Torrents, and minor tracts and letters.)


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(See also Part II., Delacroix and Leuba.)


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