20 Saturday night recipes that are oh so indulgent (2024)

Here are 20 indulgent recipes made for the perfect weekend feast.

1. Harissa-spiced lamb tacos

Add a little heat to your Saturday night with these crispy loaded taco shells, filled with lamb, a punchy dose of harissa and tangy feta cheese.

2. Deep-pan American hot pizza

Some like their pizzas thin and crispy while others prefer a fluffy and thick base. If you’re more of a fan of the latter, then this recipe is for you. Loaded with cheese, jalapeños and salami, this American classic proves that sometimes, more really is more.

3. Beer-batterd fish and triple-cooked chips

Your evening is about to triple in fun and flavour with this classic combo: beer-battered fish and triple-cooked chips. Who needs the seaside when you can devour this within the comfort of your own home?

4. Chicken katsu curry

Is a katsu curry calling your name? Resist the urge to ‘Deliveroo’ your dinner and have a go at making your own. Our version of this popular Japanese dish is crispy, crunchy and drowned in a sweet curry sauce. You can thank us later.

5. Pizza bianca

Ramp up your evening with this gorgeous pizza Bianca (a white-based pizza) topped with goat’s cheese, courgettes and black olives.

6. Prawn and cucumber squares (oshi sushi)

Sushi = a strong Saturday mood.Invite family or some pals over to make them from scratch; this makes a fun weekend activity and dinner will taste extra satisfying knowing you made it yourself. Soaking in soy sauce is optional but highly recommended.

7. Quick pad-Thai

If you’ve less time to cook, opt for this speedy but solid classic. Get all the ingredients prepped and ready to go first, then, the rest really is a flash in the pan!

8. Chinese-style sticky pork ribs

Instead of reaching for the tattered Chinese takeaway menu, try your hand at these knockout sticky pork ribs. Just prepare for things to get a tiny bit messy.

9. First class beef curry

Sometimes, only a proper Indian curry will cut the mustard. Instead of breaking the bank by ordering a full-blown takeaway, have a go at making your own. We present to you our first class beef curry…

10. Kimchi cheese on toast

A dish which screams indulgence, we’ve really upped the ante here with our Korean twist on the British staple: cheese on toast. Alternatively, enjoy as a hangover cure.

11. The big meatball lasagne

Who could resist a big, bubbling meatball lasagne? This smashing Saturday dish doesn’t hold back on big comforting flavours – or cheese…

12. Creamy broccoli and bacon spaghetti

Got a pasta-shaped hole in your belly? Solve that problem instantly with this indulgent bowl of creamy broccoli and bacon spaghetti – ready in just 20 minutes.

13. Welsh rarebit and ham hock macaroni cheese

A variation on mac ‘n’ cheese, this oozy rarebit version offers extra comforting satisfaction. The addition of ham hock gives an additional salty punch.

14. Gnudi with fried sage hazelnuts and jerusalem artichoke crisps

All hail gnudi – pillowy ricotta dumplings sent from Italian heaven! If you adore gnudi as much as we do, this recipe with fried sage, hazelnuts and Jerusalem artichoke crisps will strengthen your love for it three-fold.

15. Black pudding macaroni cheese toastie

We’ve one-upped the classic cheese toastie with the addition of black pudding. Once you taste it, you’ll never look at a cheese toastie the same way again.

16. Creamy mushroom and speck gnocchi

Take a look at this creamy gnocchi number, with bacon pieces, mushrooms andsage butter, for a speedy and simple treat-yourself dinner.

17. Hot dogs with sauerkraut and fried onions

We’ll always love a classic hot dog, laden with crispy fried onions and drizzled with mustard, but this sauerkraut combination takes the top spot. Serve with cornichons and Dijon mustard for a punchy Saturday night supper.

18. Sharing pan brownie with white chocolate Lindor balls

This pan of rich, gooey chocolate brownie has been dotted with white chocolate Lindor balls and topped with a generous dollop (or two) of vanilla ice cream. Made for those with an unwavering sweet-tooth and for those willing to share…

19. Peanut butter and cookie dough no-churn ice cream

PB and cookie dough is a match made in heaven. Raise a spoon to the weekend and tuck in!

20. New York cheesecake with chocolate soured cream topping

We’ve taken the classic New York cheesecake to the next level with this rich chocolate and soured cream ganache topping. Finish off the night on a truly indulgent note with a slice of this epic dessert.

20 Saturday night recipes that are oh so indulgent (2024)
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